The Aviator

12th July - 11th August 2013

Julian Quaye continues to illustrate his love of ironic juxtaposition and his interest in Victorian and Edwardian colours on his return to the front gallery with a show named after his most iconic image to date – The Aviator.

Followers of Julian’s work may notice the gradual appearance of military symbology in his works as he develops his grand theme and introduces us to more of the characters in his story of good versus evil and the rise (and fall?) of the penguins.

Frances Davidson is one maker bent on seduction via acute attention to detail. This body of work is not a polite polemic; there is an eloquent fury that bleeds through the craftsmanship.

The human body is deconstructed as a faux medical procedure and reconstructed as a ghost of the whole, using a fetish dialogue and a long-held fascination with 16th and 17th century curiosity cabinets.

As the artist herself explains “The objects within these cabinets were placed in order of their appeal to the imagination and symbolic similarities rather than any scientific or ethnological ones. We view these collections as disjointed and nonsensical because of our obsession with segregation and categorisation of art and fields of understanding. Using sculpture and automata-making as my medium I produce pseudo-collectibles, imbuing them with an invented history, often toy like but with dark and sinister overtones.”


  • The Aviator poster
  • Piece of Mind Julian Quaye
  • Boris (Westminster by Gaslight) Julian Quaye
  • The Wild One (or Mr. Snuggles Rides Again) Julian Quaye
  • The Owl and the Pussy Cat 2 Julian Quaye
  • Northern Lights Julian Quaye
  • A Little Bird Told Me Julian Quaye
  • Horny Beast Julian Quaye
  • Renaissance Man Julian Quaye
  • Buster the Dane Julian Quaye
  • Bruce Julian Quaye
  • The Contender Julian Quaye
  • Sexy Selina Julian Quaye
  • The Sad Demise of Mr. Snuggles Julian Quaye
  • Say Hello to my Little Friends Julian Quaye
  • Vamp Julian Quaye
  • Mermaid Julian Quaye
  • Medusa Julian Quaye
  • Bonkers - Love Julian Quaye
  • Bonkers - Hate Julian Quaye
  • Bonkers - Fear Julian Quaye

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