Upfest 2016 update

On Saturday 23rd July with the weather set fair we shut up shop for our annual pilgrimage to Bedminster, Bristol where the world-famous Upfest was once again in full swing. A number of new venues had been added to the festival this year extending the borders of the event, and we were keen to visit them. Given the vast number of people attending the festival on Saturday this proved to be a shrewd move as we were able to meet and chat with many of the artists in these peripheral sites without fear of being trampled underfoot.

Once again we were super-impressed with the organisation of the event by Steve at Upfest gallery and his team. One can only imagine the hard work put in to ensure that the 270+ artists at multiple locations  were all settled in. I did overhear Steve mention to a visitor that the festival took 9 months of planning so if you’re reading this Steve, great job!!

Photography was difficult if not impossible in some of the busier venues so here are a few works in progress from the quieter locations that we visited.