12th September - 4th October 2015

Miller has created the title of the show as a way to describe his current work. In attempting to solidify fluid metaphysical imagination, he perceives this physical form would be mineral-like, and so coined the word “imaginite”.

Miller first exhibited at It’s All 2 Much Art Gallery in 2013 when he was in his first year at UWE. Even then, we were struck by the imaginative subject matter and quality of his work and we are delighted to invite him back for a solo show now that he has successfully completed his degree course.

Image (right) is “Street” by Tom Miller.


  • Disquake Tom Miller
  • Float Tom Miller
  • Gnomey Tom Miller
  • Interscape Tom Miller
  • Mix Tom Miller
  • Pub Tom Miller
  • Scape Tom Miller
  • Street Tom Miller
  • Walk Tom Miller
  • Watchtower Tom Miller
  • What Is It? Tom Miller

In this Exhibition

  • Tom Miller

    Tom Miller

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