All Back 2 Lemaks

9th October - 8th November 2015

Wizard stencil artist Lemak takes over our gallery for the next few weeks and transforms it into…. well, you’ll have to see for yourselves. Suffice to say it’s probably your grandmother’s worst nightmare and please don’t spill beer on the rug.

Lemak has invited a group of his artist friends to take part in the house p’art‘y to be seen at in Stokes Croft this Autumn. Collaborations are a key feature of this show, offering visitors a rare opportunity to see works by Lemak with artists such as Cheba and Giles Barwick.

Here’s the current list of the artists appearing in the show:

Lemak, Cheba, Emma Caton, Paul ‘Monsters’ Roberts, Jim Starr, Fuller, Sam Hall, Rowdy, SPQR, Jonny Arnold, Cherie Strong, NME, Bunny Boiler, Silent Bill, Skint, Annika Wilkinson, Giles Barwick, Bunts and Indy Skyz, CHEP, GEE, CZEE13, SKOR85, Pauli Bates, Georgie, Angus Art, Neil Roberts, Keith, Georgia Harris, DIFF, Tom Miller and RIP.

Image (right) is “Out of the Blue” by Lemak.


  • Liquid Envy Angus Art
  • Cosmic Jelly Annika Wilkinson
  • Lace Face Annika Wilkinson
  • Swan Lake Annika Wilkinson
  • Tears in the Flames Annika Wilkinson
  • Page Face Study #1 Bunny Boiler
  • Page Face Study #2 Bunny Boiler
  • Bunny Gothic Bunny Boiler
  • Home Sweet Home Bunts and Indy Skyz
  • Infrared Monkeyhead Cheba
  • Chep Bear Dreamin Chep
  • Dumbo Diff
  • Loan Shark Diff
  • The Nugget & Extra Tan Nutter (free from acid of any description) #1 Emma Caton
  • The Nugget & Extra Tan Nutter (free from acid of any description) #2 Emma Caton
  • Let’s Get Lost Where Dreamers Can Be Winners Emma Caton
  • We Are The Space Raiders Fuller
  • Man in a Can Georgie
  • Return of the Stooges #1 Giles Barwick
  • Return of the Stooges #2 Giles Barwick
  • Return of the Stooges #3 Giles Barwick
  • Wired Abstraction Giles Barwick and Lemak
  • Batman/Marilyn Pinup Jim Starr
  • Flamingo Hotel 62 Pinup Jim Starr
  • Forward Populous Sam Hall
  • Day of the Dead Keith
  • Untitled Jonny Arnold
  • In His Own Creation Lemak
  • In His Own Image Lemak
  • Colour of Explosion #1 Lemak
  • Colour of Explosion #2 Lemak
  • Plasma Lemak
  • Out of the Blue Lemak
  • Duck Attack part 1 Lemak
  • Duck Attack part 2 Lemak
  • The Sandman Lemak
  • Death Lemak
  • Enchanted Lemak (and Chep)
  • Let's Get Smashed Lemak
  • The General RIP
  • The Star Neil Roberts
  • Diamond Cutter Paul Roberts
  • Suspended Sentence Rowdy
  • Heart Silent Bill
  • Dawn of the Debt Silent Bill
  • Stick It Out Skint
  • Impaired SKOR85
  • There SKOR85
  • Paint Bombers SPQR
  • Can Tom Miller
  • Tom Tom Miller

In this Exhibition

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Keith


  • Lemak


  • Giles Barwick

    Giles Barwick

  • Tom Miller

    Tom Miller

  • Cheba


  • Rowdy


  • Fuller


  • Neil Roberts

    Neil Roberts

  • Emma Caton

    Emma Caton

  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts

  • Sam Hall

    Sam Hall

  • Guests


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