Since we opened our gallery at the end of 2011 we have been priveleged to show works from over 100 different artists; here’s a list of some of the guests whose works have graced our walls:

©opy®ight, Gemma Compton, Andy Council, Inkie, Dicy, SPQR, Mr Jago, Parlee ERZ, Swifty, 3Dom, J Patrick Boyle (Motorboy), David Holtek, Dollar Bilbo, Aliah Malik, Dan Bendel, Rafael Duncan, Reynold H Duncan, Robin Doyle, Diana Colwell, Claudia d’Arezzo, Rebecca Edelmann, Pete Gage, Vanessa Go-Fer, Hollis, Kevina Labonne, Ouch, Iain Smyth, Rick Standing, Nadia Addonizio, The Art of Chimp, Dan Petley (Old Master), Ed Stryker, Sam Sultana, Esther Lancaster, Mr Draws, Ben Steele, Jak MCS, Jillo Wisternoff, The Krah, Ryan Hegarty, Shiftnoize, Zion Flex, Christelle Jones, Zoe Thomas, Chris Guest, Mike Piper, Matt Kaye, James Cooper, Martin Thompson, Angus Art, Josh Bowe, Lisa Coleman, Bob Cosford, James Green, George Harding, Indigo Jax, Tom Lovell, Dan Le Mesurier (Le Mess), Szymon Madejski, Antje Meyer, Tom Rawles, Isaac Stacey (EC), Diff, John D’oh, Angus Art, Simeon Shnayderov, Bunny Boiler, Bunts, Annika Wilkinson, Chep, Indy Skyz, NME, Georgie, Pauli Bates, RIP, Silent Bill, Skint, SKOR85, Jonny Arnold, Cherie Strong, Georgia Harris, CZEE13.

Image (right) is All You Need Is Love by Inkie.



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