Merry Christmess and a Hippy New Year

5th December 2015 - 31st January 2016

It’s that time of year again when we invite a host of artists, some new to our gallery and some familiar friends, to submit examples of their work for our Christmas group show.

There is a loose theme this year based on the show’s title “Merry Christmess and a Hippy New Year”. So expect anything from Bad Santa to Psychedelia with Peace and Love in-between – that should give you all plenty to look at!

Artist Gary Iles has really hit the spot with his submitted work which we have adopted as the image for the show (shown right).

Among those taking part this year are 3Dom, Giles Barwick, Dave Bennett, Emma Caton, Everly Dark, Cristina Diniz, Alan Duncan, Lee Ellis, Fuller, Carmen Garaghon (Fitzroy Art Dolls), Si Griffiths, Will Hall, Georgia Harris, Gary Iles, Keith, Lemak, Dan Le Mesurier (le Mess), Madeleine Lewis, Tom Miller, Neil Roberts, Jim Starr, Kent Tayler, Nathanael Tabrett and Andrew Watkins.

Although many of the works are originals, we also have a wide selection of limited edition and open edition prints available.


  • The Other Everly Dark
  • The Other (print) Everly Dark
  • The King Everly Dark
  • Harpy Eagle Jim Starr
  • 5Pointz Lemak
  • Last Band Standing Neil Roberts
  • Waay Tom Miller
  • Floubab Tom Miller
  • Montpelier Day Andrew Watkins
  • Montpelier Night Andrew Watkins
  • Montpelier Snow Andrew Watkins
  • Owls Alan Duncan
  • Peace Enforcer Angus Art
  • Forms & Movements #1 Cristina Diniz
  • Golden Brown Dave Bennett
  • Bah Humbug Giles
  • Snowman Selfie Kent Tayler
  • Winter Stag Madeleine Lewis
  • Untitled #1 Mark o'Neill
  • Untitled #2 Mark o'Neill
  • Fox (triptych) Mr Draws
  • Merry Circus Si Griffiths
  • Princess Leia Hepburn Stephen Quick
  • Explosions of Peace Will Hall

In this Exhibition

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Keith


  • Lemak


  • Giles Barwick

    Giles Barwick

  • Tom Miller

    Tom Miller

  • Fuller


  • Neil Roberts

    Neil Roberts

  • FunArtUre


  • Emma Caton

    Emma Caton

  • Everly Dark

    Everly Dark

  • Lee Ellis

    Lee Ellis

  • Alan Duncan

    Alan Duncan

  • Mark o'Neill

    Mark o'Neill

  • Guests


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