Fuller Maps is a project by British artist Fuller, aka Gareth Wood. Fuller draws intricate maps that narrate, exemplify and observe the identity of places. Through library research, archival study, local knowledge, the internet and lived experience, he immerses himself within a place to understand its complex personality.

Taking on average 5 years to produce, Fuller confidently and meticulously creates pen drawings that exhibit pockets of narrative on social, political, historical and cultural topics. They are entwined with personal thoughts and memories.

By mapping events Fuller provides a subjective account which is instantly relatable. In doing so, the artwork consciously steps out of dogmatic art historical elitism and elegantly places prominence on shared knowledge and experience, a distinctive characteristic of Fullers work.

The drawings are signifiers and often need to be deciphered to be understood. They produce a game-like element for people to take part in. It is in the moments of contemplation that a dialogue begins whilst poring over the map. Whether the intended story is teased out or new stories are added, Fuller’s Maps create emotionally charged conversations.

Fuller created a stir in the press with his giant map of Bristol, and we were delighted when our gallery was chosen to unveil the map to the public for the first time….

Bristol – by Fuller from Fuller on Vimeo.

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