Christmas Bazaar

16th November 2012 - 6th January 2013

To celebrate our first year as an art gallery and to enter into the festive spirit, we present a group show of art by a multitude of artists.

The theme of the show is “a celebration of local talent” as these works are by Bristol-based artists who have made contact with us over the past year and who, in our opinion, should have the results of their labours displayed to a wider audience.

In addition to the artists referenced below, we are also pleased to exhibit pieces by Copyright, Gemma Compton, Dan Bendel, Dollar Bilbo, SPQR, J Patrick Boyle (Motorboy), Rafael Duncan, Reynold H Duncan, Dianna Colwell, Claudia d’Arezzo, Robin Doyle, Rebecca Edelmann, Pete Gage, Vanessa Go-For, Hollis, Kevina Labonne, Ouch, Iain Smyth and Rick Standing.


Youngs Brewery Kindly sponsored by Young’s Brewery
logos_g_20150430_0002 and St. Austell Brewery in conjunction  with the Highbury Vaults and Horts in Bristol.



  • Christmas Bazaar poster
  • A Message from your Workers Dan Bendel
  • Looking For A Good Time J Patrick Boyle
  • The Magnificence of Tai Chi Emma Caton
  • Stokes Croft Dianna Colwell
  • Plague Gemma Compton
  • Untitled Copyright
  • The Formation of Things: Stairway 'F' Block Claudia d'Arezzo
  • Metamorphosis Everly Dark
  • The Cube Dollar Bilbo
  • Geometry Dollar Bilbo
  • Day After Tomorrow Robin Doyle
  • Jimi Hendrix – Purple Maze Rafael Duncan
  • The Bringer of Worlds Reynold H Duncan
  • George! Rebecca Edelmann
  • Jewel Pete Gage
  • Batty Lee Ellis
  • It's All Too Much Fuller
  • Cold Feet, No Teeth, Can't Speak Funns
  • Tibetan Lake At Dawn Latif Gardez
  • Ballerina Millie Gleeson
  • Aquarius 2012 Vanessa Go-Fer
  • EyeMouth Hollis
  • Greener on the Other Side? Keith
  • Red Is Daring Kevina Labonne
  • Untitled #5 James Morton
  • Way Out! Ouch
  • Sexy Selina Julian Quaye
  • Sweet Leaf Neil Roberts
  • Croc Lilo SPZero76
  • Blimey! SPQR
  • The Spinny Machine Rick Standing
  • SPIN8.1.5 Rick Standing
  • The Rose Iain Smyth
  • Barca Mathew White

In this Exhibition

  • Millie Gleeson

    Millie Gleeson

  • Julian Quaye (

    Julian Quaye ("Q")

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Keith


  • Giles Barwick

    Giles Barwick

  • Cheba


  • Fuller


  • Neil Roberts

    Neil Roberts

  • Emma Caton

    Emma Caton

  • Everly Dark

    Everly Dark

  • Lee Ellis

    Lee Ellis

  • SPZero76


  • Dom Williams

    Dom Williams

  • Funns


  • James Morton

    James Morton

  • Sulimo


  • Latif Gardez

    Latif Gardez

  • Mathew White

    Mathew White

  • Phil Young

    Phil Young

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