25th January - 24th February 2013

“My ‘Tarot of the Living’ is a project I have been working on for some years and depicts friends and personages that encompass the attributes of the Tarot which is a pictorial divinatory system. This gloriously laborious process has taken me on many wonderfully significant journeys and strange encounters which have often led me to the erotic genre. The tarot series had to be painted in illustrative yet realistic style to provide continuity.

I am most inspired by dreams, music, obscure books and the human form (the female form in particular). I am an idea factory and love to be taken away by a tangent of creative impulses pushing me into realms of profound experiences. I choose to mainly paint with oils giving my work an almost classic feel. Painting with oils for me is tantamount to caressing my lover’s thigh.

When people see my work I like them to experience both a mixture of nostalgia and déjà vu. In past exhibitions I generally like to invite the people who feature in the works presented, as this creates a strange sense of familiarity in the room as usually most of them have never met before.

My subjects generally resonate from a combination of occult visions, dreams, fantasies and interesting characters I have encountered in this jubilant yet mortal coil. My various works usually manifest in a symbolic and surreal style. I aim to transcend the realm of pure aesthetics and want my creations to serve an anabolic purpose.” N.T.R

Opening night was quite an event – as well as Neil’s artwork displayed around the front gallery walls, we had Sophia Disgrace (model, actress and performer) demonstrating her sword-swallowing skills and downstairs Rebecca Horton (professional card reader) provided Tarot card readings. Body-painted model Lianna Glass mingled to answer questions on the art work and performed general hostess duties while Davies Winemakers displayed their custom-made Tarot wine sculptures.

*** Friday 8th February 7pm – 9.30pm ***
More tarot readings with Rebecca Horton, intuitive soundscapes with the Esoteric Heptagonal Trio and celestial movements with Miss Gaia Sprite… come along!

Youngs Brewery Kindly sponsored by Young’s Brewery.

Image (right) is “Princess of Particles” by Neil Roberts.


  • Arcanum poster
  • The Fool Neil Roberts
  • The Priestess Neil Roberts
  • The Empress Neil Roberts
  • The Emperor Neil Roberts
  • The Hierophant Neil Roberts
  • The Lovers Neil Roberts
  • The Chariot Neil Roberts
  • Adjustment Neil Roberts
  • The Hermit Neil Roberts
  • Fortune Neil Roberts
  • Lust Neil Roberts
  • The Hanged Man Neil Roberts
  • Death Neil Roberts
  • Temperance Neil Roberts
  • The Devil Neil Roberts
  • The Tower Neil Roberts
  • The Star Neil Roberts
  • The Moon Neil Roberts
  • The Sun Neil Roberts
  • The Universe Neil Roberts
  • 9 of Swords Neil Roberts
  • 3 of Wands Neil Roberts
  • Princess of Wands Neil Roberts
  • Princess of Particles Neil Roberts
  • Princess of Swords Neil Roberts
  • Queen of Swords Neil Roberts

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