Dark Funns

1st - 24th March 2013

We are very pleased to present a joint exhibition showcasing works from Bristol-based Everly Dark and Bath-based Funns. These two artists have totally different styles yet when their works are viewed together there is a strange complementarity, as illustrated by this collaborative piece (right) especially created for their show.

Youngs Brewery Kindly sponsored by Young’s Brewery
logos_g_20150430_0002 and St. Austell Brewery in conjunction  with the Highbury Vaults and Horts in Bristol.
logos_g_20150430_0003 Also by Bath Ales
logos_g_20150430_0004 and the Bristol Beer Factory.



  • Dark Funns poster
  • Lost and Found Everly Dark and Funns
  • Metamorphosis Everly Dark
  • Wake Up Everly Dark
  • Bird Ball Everly Dark
  • Under Your Spell Everly Dark
  • Beneath Her Skin Everly Dark
  • Raven King Everly Dark
  • Woe as Poe Everly Dark
  • The Very Rare Bird Hand Everly Dark
  • Cold Feet, No Teeth, Can't Speak Funns
  • A Baby Funns
  • I Drank Poison For You Funns
  • I Need Outer Space, Some Time To Breathe Funns
  • Bird Shell Funns
  • Puzzle Funns
  • Show Me How It Is To Be Warm Funns
  • Sunday Bubble Funns
  • Some Ghost Funns
  • Tummy House (2 part) Funns

In this Exhibition

  • Everly Dark

    Everly Dark

  • Funns


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