Everly Dark

Everly Dark is a Bristol-based artist and self-confessed daydreamer. She was born on a Wednesday so is inevitably full of woe. But with this woe she weaves a magical wonderland. Her paintings are portals to this world; glimpses of a place where anything is possible and time stands still. She is inspired by anything weird and unconventionally beautiful; the little things that go unnoticed. She is an avid collector of ‘nothing specials’ and a fond dreamer of all that should be.

Working mainly in acrylic on wood, but constantly expanding her ideas into further media, Everly uses colour in abundance. With this colour she defines her dreamworld through wondrous creatures; her favourite of these being birds, inspired by their ability to defy what we ourselves cannot, and reach heights that we can only dream of. Nature has a huge influence on Everly’s ideas – an innocence that the rest of the world seems to have lost. Her view point, like a camera obscura, is distorted and filled with something elsewhere; a place that she holds onto and builds upon with time.

“When I was a kid I climbed a tree in my garden, thought a happy thought and jumped – in reality I hit the ground and broke my toes but in my head I flew.” ED

Her work can be classed as low brow, pop surrealism in style and is very much inspired by artists of this genre such as Mark Ryden and Marco Mazzoni. Everly’s aim in life is to paint as much as she can for as long as she can.

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