Christmas Show 2014

13th December 2014 - 1st February 2015

This year we’ve opened our walls to as many artists as we can accommodate once again. In keeping with our Christmas tradition at It’s All 2 Much, the show contains a rich Christmas Pudding mix of established and up-and-coming artists with a wide range of prices to suit all budgets.The show starts on Saturday 13th December and continues well into next year.

Among those taking part this year are Angus Art, Giles Barwick, Josh Bowe, Emma Caton, Cheba, Lisa Coleman, Gemma Compton, Bob Cosford, Everly Dark, Diff, John D’Oh, Lee Ellis, Vanessa Go-Fer, James Green, George Harding, Inkie, Indigo Jax, Paul Johnson (Various Artist), Christelle Jones, Keith, Lemak, Tom Lovell, Dan Le Mesurier (le Mess), Szymon Madejski, Fernando Messias, Antje Meyer, Michael Piper, Julian Quaye, Nick Rasmussen, Tom Rawles, Neil Roberts, Paul Roberts, Rowdy, SPQR, SPZero76, Isaac Stacey (EC), Jim Starr and Ben Steele.

Unlike other shows where buyers would have to wait until the show ends before taking their purchased art away, in this show any piece can be removed from the gallery on the day of purchase.

Although many of the works are originals, we also have a wide selection of limited edition and open edition prints available.

Image (right) is “The Navigator” by Everly Dark.


In this Exhibition

  • Millie Gleeson

    Millie Gleeson

  • Julian Quaye (

    Julian Quaye ("Q")

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Keith


  • Lemak


  • Giles Barwick

    Giles Barwick

  • Cheba


  • Rowdy


  • Fuller


  • Neil Roberts

    Neil Roberts

  • Emma Caton

    Emma Caton

  • Everly Dark

    Everly Dark

  • Lee Ellis

    Lee Ellis

  • Nick Rasmussen

    Nick Rasmussen

  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts

  • SPZero76


  • Fernando Messias

    Fernando Messias

  • Mark Lloyd

    Mark Lloyd

  • Mathew White

    Mathew White

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