Open Walls Spring 2015

2nd February - 30th April 2015

We’ve enjoyed our Christmas group show so much that we’ve continued the group show theme into the Spring, with originals and prints from over 40 artists in the gallery.

In the last 4 weeks alone we have added a new original painting by George Harding (and an accompanying print run), 6 new pieces from Lee Ellis, 4 new abstracts by Giles Barwick, a new illustrative piece by Ryan Hegarty, a stencilled vinyl LP by Lemak and a new portrait by Christelle Jones.

Image (right) is “Experiments With Texture” by Michael Piper.


In this Exhibition

  • Millie Gleeson

    Millie Gleeson

  • Julian Quaye (

    Julian Quaye ("Q")

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Keith


  • Lemak


  • Giles Barwick

    Giles Barwick

  • Cheba


  • Rowdy


  • Fuller


  • Neil Roberts

    Neil Roberts

  • Everly Dark

    Everly Dark

  • Lee Ellis

    Lee Ellis

  • Nick Rasmussen

    Nick Rasmussen

  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts

  • SPZero76


  • Mark Lloyd

    Mark Lloyd

  • Mathew White

    Mathew White

In the Press