5th June - 12th July 2015

With an open spectrum of different projects on at one time, Jimmer Willmott loves to play in experimentation. With no great affinity with the abstract, Jim’s mazes are aimed at a more pleasing and aesthetic experience for the viewer by using colour as building blocks.

Influenced by film, television and cartoons from childhood, Paul ‘Monsters’ Roberts’ artwork brings simplistic, comical takes on things around him. Moving in a new direction with his pattern work, Paul has gone back to his roots of a graphic design background by being quite meticulous using many geometric shapes fitted together.

Paul is no stranger to It’s All 2 Much Art Gallery, having been a regular contributor to our group shows and has appeared in 2 separate themed shows as a member of the Cretin Collective.


  • Jimmer Wilmott's wall
  • A Moment I Took Jimmer Willmott
  • Atlantis Shutdown Jimmer Willmott
  • Crimson Skylines Jimmer Willmott
  • Electrical City Jimmer Willmott
  • Omega Man Jimmer Willmott
  • Pop In Blocks A Jimmer Willmott
  • Pop In Blocks B Jimmer Willmott
  • Pop In Blocks C Jimmer Willmott
  • Populous Jimmer Willmott
  • Pretty Green Jimmer Willmott
  • Paul Roberts' wall
  • The Days Before Fiction Paul Roberts
  • When We Escape Paul Roberts
  • Throwing Shapes Paul Roberts
  • Let's Get Lost Paul Roberts
  • Boxed In Paul Roberts
  • Pandora Paul Roberts
  • Minds Are Locked Down Paul Roberts
  • Cross Hatch #1 Paul Roberts
  • Cross Hatch #2 Paul Roberts
  • Key to Forever Paul Roberts
  • Into the Abyss Paul Roberts
  • Interlock Paul Roberts
  • Infinite Arms Paul Roberts
  • Deep Down Inside Paul Roberts
  • Brick Chasm Paul Roberts
  • Dissection Cubed #1 Paul Roberts
  • Dissection Cubed #2 Paul Roberts
  • Dissection Cubed #3 Paul Roberts

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  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts

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