Beyond the Pale Blue Dot

7th November - 7th December 2014

We’ve finally persuaded Bristol-based artist Cheba to hold his first major show for four years at It’s All 2 Much art gallery. Following on from the ‘Don’t Feed the Colours’ show by Jim Starr and Fernando Messias, we are to be treated once again to new works arising from changes in direction and techniques.

This represents Cheba’s first major show in four years; a series of mixed media works presenting the artist’s journey into abstraction and futuristic spray can expressionism. His recent work has evolved into vibrant and abstract fluid formations, a new and refreshing direction for the artist although influences of the bold character-led work for which he is renowned can still be found.

The show features a series of 3D paintings using a complex process of poured resin. Cheba has created his own unique technique working with various mediums building up layer upon layer of resin to create multi-dimensional nebula-inspired paintings. Heavily influenced by Space, starscapes and the very elements that create us, Beyond the Pale Blue Dot focuses on the past, present and future of our existence. The work evokes mixed emotions of both hope and fear; the frightening thought of being alone in our universe or that there is something else out there are equally daunting, but viewers will also find hope in the work, a homage to the beauty that surrounds us.

Image (right) is “Monkey Head” by Cheba.


  • Beyond the Pale Blue Dot Cheba
  • Wizard Cheba & Inkie
  • Trifid Cheba
  • Stellar Spire Cheba
  • Star Birth Cheba
  • Octopi Cheba
  • Monkey Head Cheba
  • Jelly Fish Kiss Cheba
  • Heavy Roots Cheba
  • Golden Nebula Cheba
  • Every Day is Like Christmas to Me Cheba
  • Cosmic Abstractions Cheba
  • Cosmic Abstractions #2 Cheba
  • Cosmic Abstractions #1 Cheba

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