Don’t Feed the Colours

3rd October - 2nd November 2014

We are delighted to present two well-known Bristol-based artists, Jim Starr and Fernando Messias, in a joint show of abstract, semi-abstract and figurative works.

As well as appealing to art-lovers in general, this show will be of particular interest to followers of Jim and Fernando since both artists are presenting new works arising from changes in direction and themes.

Jim Starr also takes this opportunity to launch a new set of screenprints “Hummingbirds”, a limited edition of seven-colour acrylic prints with black gloss top layer and hand embellishments printed by the artist on Vellum laid ivory conservation 250 gsm paper.

Only 50 of these prints will be produced and each is signed, titled and numbered by the artist. Because each print is hand-painted, Jim is allowing customers to choose their own colour for the hummingbird in the foreground. Illustrated here are two alternatives, blue and deep red, but any colour within reason can be chosen.


Hummingbirds Jim Starr




  • Goldfish Tales Fernando Messias
  • Heron Study Jim Starr
  • The Only Way to Victory is Peace Fernando Messias
  • The Fall Fernando Messias
  • Roseatte Spoonbill Jim Starr
  • Tempus: the Weather Prisoner Fernando Messias
  • Tamworth-in-Arden Fernando Messias
  • Hummingbirds Jim Starr
  • Surrender Fernando Messias
  • Nehan Fernando Messias
  • Landscape II Jim Starr
  • Bluebirth Fernando Messias
  • Colourful Jump Fernando Messias
  • Hummingbird I Jim Starr
  • Global Warning Fernando Messias
  • Heiwa Fernando Messias
  • Irreversible Fog Fernando Messias
  • Beside You Fernando Messias
  • Venice Princess V Jim Starr

In this Exhibition

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Fernando Messias

    Fernando Messias

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