It’s There in Black and White

18th May - 15th July 2012

When Sam Hall, a young Bristol-based artist, visited our gallery he showed us some photos of his paper and ink creations. We were so impressed by his work we decided to arrange an exhibition of black and white works centred around Sam’s 7 pieces. We had a tremendous response from our invited artists including a huge piece from one of London’s latest rising stars, Rich Simmons – a vending machine with a twist!

To add a splash of colour we asked Phil Young, a craftsman in wood, metal and plastics, to provide us with some of his extraordinary sculptures.

In addition to the artists referenced below, we are also pleased to exhibit pieces by the following guest artists: Dan Bendel, David Holtek, Dollar Bilbo and Aliah Malik.

Image (right) is “Obedience” by Sam Hall.


  • It's There In Black and White poster
  • Totem Sam Hall
  • Teratoma Sam Hall
  • Obedience Sam Hall
  • Lust Sam Hall
  • Loyalty Sam Hall
  • I Love You Sam Hall
  • Forward Populous Sam Hall
  • The Way to a Man's Art David Holtek
  • I Am Not an Artist. I am a Doctor and My Name is Frankenstein David Holtek
  • Vamp Julian Quaye
  • Mermaid Julian Quaye
  • Medusa Julian Quaye
  • I Woke Up...Dan Bendel
  • P.U.S.H. Sulimo
  • It's All Too Much Fuller
  • Sandwich Dom Williams
  • No Dom Williams
  • Ey Dom Williams
  • Hula Hoops to Hand Guns Rich Simmons
  • Stretch Phil Young
  • Stretch (detail) Phil Young
  • Twist Phil Young
  • Twist (detail) Phil Young

In this Exhibition

  • Julian Quaye (

    Julian Quaye ("Q")

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Fuller


  • Dom Williams

    Dom Williams

  • Sulimo


  • Sam Hall

    Sam Hall

  • Phil Young

    Phil Young

  • Rich Simmons

    Rich Simmons

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