The Bat

20th July - 2nd September 2012

This exhibition has been planned to coincide with the UK release of the film “The Dark Knight Rises”, the final part of the Batman trilogy from director Christopher Nolan.

We invited a number of our favourite Bristol artists to render their interpretations of Batman characters with fantastic results.  Also, we were lucky enough to be able to borrow a 2 metre high model of Batman for our window display from Mark at Epoch Design, and Young’s Brewery sponsored the show.

In addition to the artists referenced below, we are also pleased to exhibit pieces by Copyright, Gemma Compton, SPQR, J Patrick Boyle (Motorboy) and Rafael Duncan.

Youngs Brewery Kindly sponsored by Young’s Brewery.

Image (right) is a Rorschach ink blot created by Jim Starr especially for the show.



  • The Bat poster
  • Holy Forever Copyright
  • The Bat SPQR
  • Dark Knight Fallen Rich Simmons
  • The Bat Gemma Compton
  • He Stole My Balloons Cheba
  • The Last Marilyn Jim Starr
  • Figure of Darkness Jim Starr
  • Batman (yellow) Jim Starr
  • Batman (red) Jim Starr
  • Batman (pink) Jim Starr
  • Batgirl Jim Starr
  • The Dark Knight Jim Starr
  • Vanessa Sulimo
  • Tabby Sulimo
  • Bruce Julian Quaye
  • The Joker #1 Giles Barwick
  • Dark Knight Rising Raphael Duncan
  • Dark Knight Risen Raphael Duncan
  • Jokerman Keith
  • Dark Knight Keith
  • 08000 228626 Keith
  • You Make Me Feel Mighty Real John Patrick Boyle

In this Exhibition

  • Julian Quaye (

    Julian Quaye ("Q")

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Keith


  • Giles Barwick

    Giles Barwick

  • Cheba


  • Sulimo


  • Rich Simmons

    Rich Simmons

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