Sam Hall

Sam Hall studied art foundation at Stourbridge College and fine art at Bower Ashton and is based in Bristol. His current work in paper and ink embodies his true self as an offbeat craftsman crossing the boundaries of illustration, classic arts and dark, creative narrative.

His work is a display of unease toward seeing ourselves and what surrounds us at more than face value; things that we simply look at or try to avoid.

“The inner workings of the mind and body can be lost to haste and ignorance, I find it important to look deeper. We are creatures born of necessity and circumstance with no real control over our own creation. Our basic functions both physically and emotionally, our instincts and urges are only the way they are because they were successful in sustaining our survival and procreation. It could all have been so different.” SH

By considering the cruelties of chance by creation, Sam Hall challenges our crippling desire for beauty and normality with images of enchanting misfits and oddities.

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