The Kutz 2015 Finalists

5th - 28th February 2016

After a very encouraging response to the inaugural Kutz Stencil Art Awards competition, we are delighted to announce that the following works have been selected by the judges to appear in the finalists show.

The standard of submitted works was very high and the judges had a few tough decisions to make, so many thanks to all the participants and we hope that you will all take part in the 2016 competition towards the end of the year.

Congratulations to the finalists who are:

Azur (UK), Andrew Bill (UK), CRS (Cyprus), Dice Sixtyseven (UK), Cormac Eddery (UK), Eins92 (Germany), El Kartoon (Russia), Georgie (UK), Grafeeney (UK), David Grieves (Canada), Just Stencil The World (Germany), Kamelogana (Germany), Keith (UK), Mariestyle (Germany), Omini (UK), P0G0 (UK), Stephen Quick (UK).



1st: “Dirty Converse” by P0G0

2nd: “L’Artiste” by Grafeeney

3rd: “The Birth of the New Idea” by El Kartoon.


A special mention also for eins92 and his 6-layer micro stencil “Mask”.



  • Winner: Dirty Converse by P0G0
  • Runner-up: L'artiste by Grafeeney
  • Runner-up: The birth of the new idea by El Kartoon
  • Special mention: Mask by Eins92
  • The winners wall - P0G0, Grafeeney, El Kartoon and eins92
  • P0G0 with gallery owner Chris presenting his prize
  • P0G0 with judge Lemak
  • P0G0, gallery owner Chris and winner's cheque
  • Melissa gets ready for the show.
  • Better inside than out.
  • eins92 and Mark discuss a stencil
  • eins92 counts the stencil layers
  • Judge Lemak discusses his results with Chris and Mark
  • Lemak announces the results of The Kutz 2015
  • Runners up are Grafeeney and El Kartoon
  • and the winner is P0G0
  • Lemak meets winner P0G0
  • Chris with P0G0 and his winning piece Dirty Converse
  • A special mention to eins92 for his micro stencil work
  • eins92 micro stencils
  • eins92 micro stencils
  • The Good, The Bad and The Funk provide the finale.
  • Guy Calhoun, guitar and vocals
  • Jonny Henderson, keyboard
  • James Paton, drums
  • Congratulations to P0G0, The Kutz winner 2015

In this Exhibition

  • The Kutz Finalists 2015

    The Kutz Finalists 2015

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