In the Wake of Terror

17th September - 16th October 2016

Artist Thomas Dowdeswell presents a series of paintings and an installation critiquing the current global climate and continual threat of terror but most importantly to remember our humanity, sense of brotherhood and sisterhood as the most important weapons against prejudice, bigotry and stupidity.

The works comment on war, conflict, the Syrian refugee crisis and the need for forgiveness, resolution and remembrance during desperate and difficult times. Thomas has been liaising with Hand in Hand, a charity heavily involved with easing the plight of Syrian refugees and is generously donating a percentage of his sales towards their cause.

This is a landmark show for us as it concludes our 5 year tenureship of the gallery at 124 Cheltenham Road. The building is being sold so we will be moving out at the end of October. Rest assured we will return to north Bristol once we have found suitable premises and in the meantime we will continue to operate with a series of pop-up shows and of course our website and newsletter will bring you all the latest news.

Image (right) is a section of the diptych “Modern Hell” by Thomas Dowdeswell.


  • Fear Plagues the City Thomas Dowdeswell
  • Modern Hell Thomas Dowdeswell
  • When the World Went to War Thomas Dowdeswell
  • The Jungle Thomas Dowdeswell
  • We All Cast the Same Shadows Thomas Dowdeswell
  • From the Hijab to the Hoodie Thomas Dowdeswell
  • People Pulled From the Rubble #3 Thomas Dowdeswell
  • People Pulled From the Rubble #2 Thomas Dowdeswell
  • People Pulled From the Rubble #1 Thomas Dowdeswell
  • Sorrow and Loss Thomas Dowdeswell
  • The Dance of the Dead Thomas Dowdeswell

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    Thomas Dowdeswell

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