Braga 2016

29th July - 3rd September 2016

We couldn’t refuse the opportunity to host a show featuring an artist from foreign climes and so we are delighted to announce that works by French artist Braga will be gracing our walls for a few weeks.

Braga is appearing at Upfest 2016 in Bristol from 23rd to 25th July and will then be hot-footing it across the river to show off his artistic talents at It’s All 2 Much art gallery.

Works by Inkie, K-Guy, Cheba, 3Dom, SPZero76, Lemak and Jim Starr as well as other guest pieces (to be announced later) will complement Braga’s main display. This will also be the last chance to view a few of the Kutz 2015 finalists pieces.

Image (right) is our gallery painted by Braga during the opening of his show.


  • Catharsis II Braga
  • Chat-eau Braga
  • Comme un Animal II Braga
  • Comme un Animal III Braga
  • Comme un Animal IV Braga
  • Comme un Animal V Braga
  • L'Urbhomme Braga

In this Exhibition

  • Jim Starr

    Jim Starr

  • Lemak


  • Cheba


  • SPZero76


  • Braga


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