Braga is a self-taught artist hailing from Marseille, France. Always interested in street art, he initially began by customising clothing (shoes, trainers, T-shirts and caps) and then started to receive commissions for private art work.

From there he was invited to create pieces for hotels, restaurants, cafes, business and even railway stations. Since then he has regularly appeared at street art events and exhibitions in southern France.

Braga uses a cartoon style embellished with elements of the urban environment, mixed together with a hint of surrealism. His creative process lies in the fluid shaping of conflicting situations of the world, by the naïve observation of reality contrasted with a scrupulous mastery of technique, precise lines, and rigour in perspectives and proportions. Here the artistic process becomes an instinctive expression of a new language whose topics range from the possibility of a pictorial world that replaces the written word to an imaginary permeable environment.

Braga also undertakes commissions, especially of buildings which he has a particular eye for. This is an example of his work which he created for us during his visit to Bristol. If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art then please contact us initially via email at art(at)

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Email us (art(at)itsall2much(dot)com) if you’d like to know more about Braga.