1st - 23rd July 2017

“Paracosm”, meaning a detailed imaginary world, is a collection of new works by artist Tom Miller or “Miller” as he is known in the Bristol street art scene. The show takes the form of a series of mixed media paintings, as well as sculpture and light work in collaboration with artist Brad Bunce.

The works to be displayed are the result of a pursuit to express, portray and symbolise the experience of living as a mind, body and spirit in a constantly evolving transition of thought on the endeavour of righteousness.

Within this endeavour (as a created creator) is the constant escape of constructing a paracosm: a version of our world manipulated into a haven, continuously developing away from its origins of the physical world towards one of unfathomableness.

Original works and prints will be available.

You can see a larger collection of Miller’s works on his own website


  • Vatwaye Tom Miller
  • Upink Tom Miller
  • Sitwear Tom Miller
  • Liteitup Tom Miller
  • Goam Tom Miller
  • Cosm Tom Miller
  • Beyind Tom Miller
  • Veeyoopoynt Tom Miller

In this Exhibition

  • Tom Miller

    Tom Miller

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Video by kind permission of Oliver Lee.

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