The Kutz 2016 Finalists

11th March - 9th April 2017

We had a fantastic response to our second Kutz Stencil Art Awards competition; this time we’ve had entries from as far afield as India and Australia which is great news for us, and it was also nice to see some familiar names among the competitors. Once again the standard of submitted works was very high so many thanks to all the participants.

We are still keen to create a category in this competition for young artists with a separate art-related prize so we hope that you will all take part in the 2017 competition later this year to help make this possible.

Congratulations to the finalists who are:

CAZ.L (Germany), CRS (Cyprus), Elle48 (UK), David Grieves (Canada), Just Stencil The World (Germany), Kamelogana (Germany), LBO_Stencils (France), Maseu (UK), ME BES (Spain), Mister Feeney (UK), P0G0 (UK), Stephen Quick (UK), Xayobox (India) and zen 1e & hybryd (Australia).


1st place: Mister Feeney (Zina Ice)

2nd place: Just Stencil the World (When Nightfall Comes)

3rd place : P0G0 (The Can)

Special mention: Elle48 (You Go Girl) and LBO_Stencils (Heart of Winter)

Feeling inspired by these great works? Why not enter our 2017 competition from 13th March here.


  • Zina Ice by Mister Feeney
  • When Nightfall Comes by Just Stencil the World
  • The Can by P0G0
  • You Go Girl by Elle48
  • Heart of Winter by LBO_Stencils
  • Lemak (judge), P0G0 (3rd), Mister Feeney (1st)

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  • The Kutz Finalists 2016

    The Kutz Finalists 2016

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